Newsletter februari 2013
Tuma Viela

With the entire crew we sit in our own little room and raise our glasses…  This is allowed after such an amazing year! Speeches, something the Ghanaians are wonderful at, are plentiful. One after the other is standing up and even the shyest employees address the group and move me… Many thanks to the people in the Netherlands who have been sponsoring us and thus made it possible for us to continue our work. There is laughter, prayer, talking and listening when Haruna takes the final word. He theatrically announces that, by way of thanks, he will take my mother to Mekka and back to Accra. A wonderful applause erupts and I can only smile… 

And now it’s February… Time flies! To me, the past year has flown by and therefore, I would like to give this year some thought. What a year! Not only have more children visited our workplace, but we are also able to make a start with our information campaign and give our employees more developing possibilities. Let me start with our workplace… the results of last year in comparison to the previous years: As you can see… Amazing! However, we did have to work hard! This is not a bad thing, indeed it is very motivating to see that the concept is such a hit in Tamale!  Nevertheless, I hope that our numbers will stagnate, because our current staff will just not be able to cope. On top of this, our other goals would have to be placed on the back burner and these are just as important to us! 

We are continuing with our information campaign for children and we are very pleased to have found a sponsor who is able to provide us with no less than 10000 buttons. It will take a while before we can receive this shipment in Ghana, but we have made a move in the right direction!
I love Tamale, I keep it clean. This is the text that will be visible on our schoolbags, hats, caps and raincoats and hopefully, it will remind our children not to turn their refuse into street litter… We are really looking forward to this! 

For a long time, we have been helping our employees in developing themselves and being independent. In this way, we are creating room for new employees who could gain work experience at our project. Latif is our first transfer and ever since he had become interested in working  with a sowing machine and was interested in learning more about this profession, he has been working at a tailor for the past six months. He still works in our workplace for 2 days a week, but in 6 months’ time he will definitely spread his wings. He is so excited! He is very serious and eager to get this opportunity! Mohammed will replace Latif for the 4 days that he will not be here and for Mohammed a new world is appearing  in front of him! We hope that we will be able to allow a few employees to go off and work at their own future and thus allowing others to work in our work place.  

In Gambia, first steps were taken in researching in how they can use hand and feet for a similar project to ours. They were very enthusiastic and amazed about the beautiful products…
Good luck! 

Recently, fathers from one of the largest cities in Ghana, Kumasi, have shown interest in our project. Two fathers have already visited us and they are working hard to accomplish plans for a similar project. Perhaps some people from Kumasi will come and work with us, on top of that some people from our work place will visit our work place in Kumasi and help out in setting up a comparable work place…
The circle is getting bigger… Good! 

And we haven’t finished yet… I’m very proud that we have made a special domain for Dutch children on our website. Many thanks to Ferdinand van der Gun who combined his wise council and my wild and exciting ideas into a beautiful website! The first subjects are put up: Fire, Water, Litter and the Market and many will follow! There are stories, interviews with Ghanaian children, facts and a lot of pictures. Dutch children now have the chance to ask questions about the way of live for Ghanaian children and those questions will be answered directly from Ghana accompanied with beautiful pictures. What a great expansion of our already amazing website! I am very curious about the reactions and I will often hurry myself to the internet cafe to check whether a response is received! 

“Appia”! Haruna says to me… which means “a lot!”. It’s the end of the day and together we are looking at an enormous pile of small bags that almost take up the entire hallway. These bags were brought to us in the first month of the new year by more than a 1000 children. “Bianni” he says whilst sighing optimistically and I put my arms around his shoulders and say: “Yes, my son, tomorrow is another day!”  


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