March 2017  


At the beginning of this year I promised myself that, if I didn’t get any help or support from Ghanaians, if I would still have the feeling I’m the ‘only one’ suffering… if I would still feel so empty inside because all my energy is gone, getting nothing in return, I would stop the workshop Tuma Viela, I would give up… Finish…Enough!
Since then, God send several wonderful souls on my path... Showing me all the time that I’m not alone and that I shouldn’t give up… Bizarre!
Like today: Cindy, a UDS Medicine Student told me last week that she shouldn’t wait till she is a doctor to give something back to the community. That she should be active to achieve something better! So she went to three primary schools in her area to show our schoolbag, pencil case and cap, educating the school kids on taking better care of the environment and asked them to help cleaning up their area… That was 1 week ago… Today a taxi filled up with almost 60,000 discarded pure water sachets and Cindy almost buried under it, arrived at our workshop… good for almost 300 products… Today I didn’t mind our crazy work pressure, our short of workers because of lack of sponsors... My tiredness was suddenly gone because this young lady put a smile on my face from ear to ear and is giving me hope for the future!

Januari 2017  


As of 1 January 2017, all our products carry a great new logo. We ask all the children who come into the workshop to trade their water sachets for great items, what they will do in the new year to make Tamale cleaner and keep it that way. We write down all the answers and let the children solemnly sign their pledge using their fingerprints. It's a great thing to do!
Januari 2017  


This is Fatima. She's 17 years old and she's coming in to help out after school, on Saturdays and during school holidays. She is a typical child with Down syndrome: she's a real actress with a strong will, she's is a little hard to handle and an incredible sweetheart. I love her already. She has a very dedicated dad who comes in every Monday to pay her lunch money for a whole week and who picks her up every day at half past four. They still are out there!