August 2016  


I pick up my groceries every day from the shop of a young mother. Yesterday, she gave me a bundle of packing material from milk powder and chocolate drink powder, asking me if I could turn them into a raincoat for her daughter Fatima. I told her I'd love to help, but she still had to hand in 500 water sachets. After all, we want to get all the litter off the streets, don't we? I called Fatima, who was playing nearby, and took a mental note that she reaches up to my waist.

This morning, I told Ayisha that we had a nice challenge and showed her the milk powder sachets. We both felt that we didn't want to wait. This was fun! We would let them hand in the 500 water sachets later.
And this is the result! Rahama didn't mind posing with the coat. Doesn't it look cheerful?
July 2016  


We've been talking about it for years but somehow it took a long time to organise: we are now an official internship company for the Special School of Tamale! Portia, Ikilima and Ibrahim are the first batch of students and they will be gaining working experience in our workshop for a year. It's great to have them around, and they take on everything they can. They wash, cut and fold the water sachets and Ibrahim has recently started practicing on the treadle sewing machine. They are 'special youth' with a future!
May 2016  



A Celebration! Rahama picked up the 30.000th schoolbag at the workshop today! We have been fortunate enough to have made 30.000 schoolbags for the children of Tamale so far. For this product alone, seven and a half million water sachets have been collected that were once littering the streets. There was an extra festive bag waiting for Rahama and for this special occasion it was filled with notebooks, pens, pencils, an eraser and colouring pencils. HAPPY!

May 2016  


We've never had as many boys in the workshop as over the past week. The bodywarmers and caps especially seemed to be in great demand, and we've just found out why. We've heard one boy say to another: 'I'll be on the cap team tonight and you will be in the jacket team, okay?' I can just picture them running around on a vacant lot, bathing in sweat with their plastic bodywarmers and their plastic caps worn back to front. I don't think there will be a single water sachet littering that place: they will all have been handed in. I wonder who will win tonight: the jackets or the caps?
April 2016  


Thanks to a wonderful gift from one of our sponsors, these three deaf young men will be getting the chance to work at Tuma Viela for a while. That way they can start working on their own future!

Abdul Alhassan: 22 years old.
Alhassan worked as an apprentice carpenter for a while and that's where his heart is. He's putting money aside now so he can buy his own tools. After that, he wants to dedicate himself to becoming a carpenter.

Umar Alhassan: 25 years old.
Umar wants to go to the Tamale polytechnic to study Art. He dreams of being a tailor and working with tie-dye and batik. He's putting money aside for the three-year course now.

Alhassan Alidu: 25 years old.
Alidu is hoping to go to university in October or November. He would love to be a teacher at the school for the deaf and is putting money aside to be able to pay for the course.
April 2016  


A group of students studying for a Master of Science degree came to our workplace on an excursion. We all sat together in my tiny office and I explained to them what it is we are doing, and why. They asked very relevant questions and took a tour of the workplace after that. They were very impressed with the NCB as well as with Tuma Viela. A few of them would like to research the effects and results of what it its we are trying to accomplish in our workplace. Please, be my guest!
March 2016  


Lately we are receiving more and more pure water sachets with a different texture. They are smoother, transparent and biodegradable as it is written on it...  And that’s good news!

The schoolbags and caps are still a mix, but the body-warmers we’re making are 100% biodegradable!

Every advantage has it’s disadvantage… These sachets are difficult to sew because they are so smooth. But we prefer to struggle because this is so much better for our environment! 

February 2016  


Ayisha and Fatima are making a slowly transition from Tuma Viela to our new project: Reusable Care Creations. This will be the third project of the Adwuma Ye Foundation and Ayisha and Fatima are taking the lead! With this third branch we’ve planned to produce Washable Nappies for babies, Washable Diapers for adults and Washable Sanitary Pads for girls and women. Ayisha and Fatima are preparing by watching movies on YouTube, how to make all these products themselves and we are looking around with what kind of Ghanaian materials we could manufacture it. A very nice, new experience for all of us! Ayisha and Fatima will leave Tuma Viela behind and move on a step forward!

February 2016  


Do you still remember this? Latif a disabled young man who had the chance (with the help of an extra gift from one of our sponsors) to develop himself from a Tuma Viela worker to tailor? (see milestone February 2013)

He made it! It took him some time, but today he came to our workshop and showed his certificate. And proud that he is! Everybody called him Master… A wonderful title for him! Latif was specialized in the Traveling Bags and still, some of the kids are asking for that beautiful product. But Latif moved on… From litter to tailor!

January 2016  


I have a deep respect and admire the volunteers working with “Saved Tools” from Groningen, the Netherlands. At this moment they prepare a huge order for us containing peddle- and hand sewing machines. In the past they also supported us and it works terrific, the repaired, old and adjusted machines they’ve provided to us. Together with an enormous amount of Dutch cloth and textiles for our New Cooking Bags, it will fill up a 20ft container and will be shipped to Ghana.. Hopefully within a short time we will work with this new materials in our workshop!