November 2015  


With much pleasure, we've been making bodywarmers again over the past few months. Initially, we only wanted to produce rain coats in the rainy season and leave the bodywarmers to the dry season. However, the children want to decide for themselves, so we go along with that. After all, the bodywarmers are immensely popular. I can imagine, too. If you see one of our wonderful dummies wearing them, of course you want both the raincoat and the bodywarmer! 

October 2015  


This month, we've not only been making things for children from Tamale, but also for kids from a different region. A Dutch group of World Servants have been building a school in Upper East. They wanted to give all the children a pencil case and asked us if we could make them. Of course we could! When they asked if we had enough sachets, because they could not bring over any litter themselves, Selma and I just looked at each other. We have plenty!

September 2015  


For 'Sala', the feast of the sacrifice, all women had three days off. I did go to work two out of those three days, because the kids always come in, holidays or not. And so they did! We even had a few Special Workers coming in to assist us. Samia and I found it rather special to be working on these days and together we got a lot of work done.  
August 2015  


There's a busy month coming up. The children have their holidays and they all want schoolbags for the new season. There will be a run on them, so it's all hands on deck!  
May 2015  


A film crew from South Africa visited our workshop. They were very interested in what we do and want to put Hamdia in the centre of attention. It's a role she really deserves. Two days of filming will result in a 3 minute video about Africans working in sustainable businesses, showing what they do and how having a job affects their personal lives. The video has also been shot in Nigeria and Cairo and the documentary will be shown on the internet from the beginning of next year. Our workshop is starting to become well-known!

March 2015  


We found a sponsor to help three women with physical disabilities get a two-year work experience with us. It's fantastic! The women are called Ayisha, Zenab, and Fatima. Ayisha will help registering children who come and hand in their sachets. Zenab and Fatima will learn how to make our products. It's great to have a couple of extra pairs of hands and also to give these women a chance to develop themselves.  
January 2015  


At the beginning of a new year, we always like to look back to the year past. But because we celebrate our 5-year anniversary we also look back to the last 5 years and the things we have done and have achieved.
I have to be honest and say that I was amazed when I reviewed all the figures and number of recent years. Incredible! All these figures and numbers! What an effort we have made! The most incredible aspect of it all was the distance we could cover lining all the empty bags we have collected throughout the years. This would add up to 1569 km! That is the distance between Meppel and Madrid as the crow flies! In Ghana we could have circled the entire nation with our empty bags! Instead we have made beautiful products from these millions of bags. Long Live Tuma Viela!