The production process




Delivering the water sachets.   They are delivered by the hundreds; in boxes, bags or hand held.....   Delivering the water sachets.   The bright colours of the ice cream sachets are especially popular amongst the girls, but are much harder to find!



They are bound together with all kind of materials, in bundles of 10 pieces...easy to count!   Large maize bags serve as temporary storage for the many, many sachets...   In the meantime we have a huge amount of sachets stored next to the workshop.
“Please, what is your name?” Other details are also written down in the large book.   Usually the article can be provided directly from our stock, if not, they have to wait for a week...   To make sure the sachets are also clean on the inside, we cut them open first.
We don’t use soap, just water...   Each sachet is cut open individually, otherwise they will never dry and start smelling!
Luckily we are blessed with plenty of sun so they can dry naturally.   Once they have dried properly, they are packed into boxes for the seamstresses.   We sort out the special and pretty sachets. This way our collection is a bit more varied!
The first step is to stitch two sachets together on the correct side, one after the other!   Now they are separated and put into a box to a second seamstress.....   Two plus two is we have four connected, the pieces are getting longer!
These too are separated and passed onto someone else in the workshop.   The sections with the 4 pieces are sewn together into one long strip....   This long strip is rolled up and now ready to use....
The strips are sewn together into a big square piece of plastic.   Once it is large enough, patterns are placed on top and traced.
We cut the pattern out of four layers. Not easy to cut but it is a lot faster!   The item is sewn together. In this case a schoolbag!   The long strips are also used to make the shoulder straps and handles for the bags.
No fussing around with zippers, they break too soon anyway...velcro is easy, strong and cheap!   The bag is placed on the shelf in the workshop until it is collected.   Double check and sign off in the big book...the item is handed over to a happy child!
Finally....a crumpled bit of paper and hopeful eyes....   Bye bye!!! See you next time! Don’t litter and collect your sachets!!!