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Results Tuma Viela

 The results

The Tuma Viela team works hard to realize the goals of the project. There is a long way to go. Read here a few milestones that have already been reached and some news-items that indicate what we are doing.

Milestones 2017
Milestones 2016
Milestones 2015
Milestones 2014
Milestones 2013
Milestones 2012
Milestones 2011
Milestones 2010

What have we produced

In 2016 in total 10.452 people, both children and adults, have brought 2.386.400 sachets to the workshop! 
If we were to lay them all down back to back it would reach a length of 334 kilometers with a width of 14 cm! (208 miles with a width of 5.5 inches)

Out of these, we made the following items:

Schoolbags 4.393
Pencil cases 1.513
Jackets 1.571
Rain coats 539
Tarp (in yards) 382
Hats and Caps 2.265