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Products Tuma Viela

 Ideas galore

And abundance of ideas for the future...the material lends itself for so many purposes! What we would love to try are bicycle bags! Bikes are plentiful in Tamale!
Another idea would serve in the homes. A lot of rooms have a corner where people shower. Usually these areas arenít separated. We could introduce a shower curtain!
A specific Ďstorage unití made of the sachets, in which the kids can keep their empty sachets, is also on the menu of items. This should be part of every household, to separate this trash to be delivered to the workshop and exchanged for something cool!

In the meantime, the Tuma Viela workshop produces a variety of items.
The schoolbags are immensely popular! Made from either water sachets or the colourful  ice cream sachets. We watch a lot of the children go to school in the morning wearing one of our schoolbags on their back. On Mondays, after school they can come by the workshop if something needs to be fixed. The schoolbags we make the most of. But sometimes a person would like just a long strap, to use it as a shoulder bag. To make these bags extra strong, they are 4 sachets thick and one bag consists of about 150 sachets in total. This means that out of every 250 sachets handed in, we are left with 100. We fabricate two different sizes: for the little ones just starting school and for the more senior students.

Raincoats   Hats   Caps
Let monsoon season come! For 500 sachets, one remains dry!   The hats are worn by the girls, the boys usually go for the caps, although there are some cool chicks that like to wear them too! (150 sachets).
  Children like to play police officer wearing these caps (150 sachets).

  Market hats
This market lady is wearing a hat made of water sachets. This is extremely practical during an unexpected rainstorm because business can continue as usual! When it is sunny they wear one made from woven grass, not an unnecessary luxury: these ladies often work in the scorching sun for hours on end! But for 250 sachets, they are prepared for the worst.

Plastic sheets
By stitching the sachets together, we can make large size plastic sheets. These have multiple purposes. To the right you see how six yards of plastic is used to keep firewood dry. It can also be used to cover market stalls, as canopies, and after various harvests, they are used to dry crops and spices. We have even seen it as a rug in someones room! And this for only 250 sachets per yard!

  Shopping bags
These shopping bag should become a trend! That way the single-use, thin black plastic bags you get now, will slowly be eliminated which in turn will prevent more trash lying around. Our strong shopping bags made out of recycled material, which can be used over and over again, would be such a wonderful alternative!


Storage bags
The storage bags are used by most children as their wardrobe. They generally donít possess many items of clothing and everything fits inside perfectly! For the larger, stronger bags the search is a bit longer....it Ďsellsí for 500 sachets...but you do end up with a fine product!

Toiletry bags
The toiletry bags have also become a coveted item.

Mobile phone cases

It is fiddly to make them but arenít they cute! This is more for the grown-ups, but the children are happy to drop off 100 sachets to surprise their parents or older siblings with one of these!


The girls prefer the fanny packs to store money, whereas the boys would rather have this trendy wallet. Even if you have little or no money, a wallet like this in your back pocket is very cool! For merely 100 sachets, youíre the man!
Pencil case

Your pencil, eraser and sharpener no longer gets lost...This colourful pencil case takes care of that! The fit into the schoolbag with ease and you can get one in exchange for merely 100 sachets!
By the way, the ladies love them too, they use them as clutch bags!