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Welcome to Tuma Viela

 Tuma Viela
Tuma Viela is a project for the people and the environment.
Tuma Viela offers woman and unemployed youth a chance to develop themselves.
Tuma Viela helps urban Tamale become less polluted.
Tuma Viela offers children the opportunity to obtain useful articles.
Tuma Viela contributes to the environmental awareness of the local community.
Tuma Viela teaches children how they can maintain a livable Ghana, now and in the future.
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  “Tuma Viela” is an initiative of Ellen Seldenthuis, a Dutch woman, residing and working in Ghana since 2004. “Tuma Viela” means “Good Work” in Dagbani, and is the translation of “Adwuma Ye” , the name of the foundation she started.
At the start of 2010 she began this very special workshop “Tuma Viela”, a job-creating project in which woman and unemployed youth have a chance to develop themselves and which allows them to earn an income and become independent. All this with the goal of creating a less polluted urban Tamale; educating schools about preserving the environment and putting smiles on the faces of children who can acquire a beautiful product if they help clean up the streets...

The main items produced in the workshop are the schoolbags. Not only are they popular because they are so beautiful, but also because there are so many children who don't own, and have never ever owned a schoolbag!
All the items are made using the water-  and ice cream sachets, carelessly discarded everywhere, causing such a litter problem. This litter causes huge health problems because the trash obstructs the open sewers which has terrible consequences...



 Latest news
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18…. That’s it!
The elderly lady looks smart and is immaculately dressed. She looks pleased. Her shy granddaughter of about ten years old quietly looks on. Last week the elderly lady came to hand in water sachets, as she did many times before. She briskly puts the 18 school bags in the sack she brought and gives it to the child to carry.

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